CA2106 quiz

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Answer all 20 multiple-choice questions.
1 mark each.
Quiz is 20 percent of module.
There is no negative marking.

  1. You are told some information is at the location: The address: HTTPS://WWW.COMPANY.COM/ will work:

  2. Why is obfuscated Javascript common?

  3. How would you find out how many users were abandoning their "shopping carts" on your e-Commerce site without buying anything?

  4. Do browsers display HTML and CSS errors?

  5. How do you see other people's CSS?

  6. At DCU, the URL maps to the file:

  7. In a Web service, code that (a) accesses a database, (b) tracks mouse movements, and (c) does general calculations, should be executed on:

  8. You should define a class in CSS when:

  9. You want to embed a Google search box on your page. Which of these would you try?

  10. You are told some information is at the location: The address: HTTPS://WWW.COMPANY.COM/DIR/FILE.HTML will work:

  11. At DCU, the URL contains an embedded image using HTML code: <img src="../../img.jpg">
    This maps to the image file:

  12. Assuming there is a button with id "thebutton", what does this jQuery do?
      $("#thebutton").click ( function(){ console.log ("Click here"); } ); 

  13. Which of these URI schemes is still widely used?

  14. Do browsers display Javascript errors?

  15. How do you see other people's HTML?

  16. Which of these is not a strategy adopted by web servers to deal with high traffic?

  17. We have a web page with relative links to files like: "file.html" for many different filenames.
    We want to change them to absolute links to URLs like: ""
    We do a Find and Replace of what form?

  18. Which of these is true?

  19. On the DCU web server, the URL: maps to:

  20. Browser caching can cause trouble for Web developers when: