CA2106 quiz

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Answer all 20 multiple-choice questions.
1 mark each.
Quiz is 20 percent of module.
There is no negative marking.

  1. On the DCU web server, the URL: maps to:

  2. In a Web service, code that (a) accesses a database, (b) tracks mouse movements, and (c) does general calculations, should be executed on:

  3. Web clients tolerate bad HTML. XHTML had the dream of making the Web valid HTML. There are many reasons why this is hard. One of these is not a reason why it is hard.

  4. Which of these URI schemes is still widely used?

  5. You should define a class in CSS when:

  6. CSS should go in a separate file to HTML when:

  7. How do you see other people's CSS?

  8. A server-side program means:

  9. Assuming there is a button with id "thebutton", what does this jQuery do?
      $("#thebutton").click ( function(){ console.log ("Click here"); } ); 

  10. Which of these is not a strategy adopted by web servers to deal with high traffic?

  11. At DCU, the URL contains an embedded image using HTML code: <img src="../../img.jpg">
    This maps to the image file:

  12. At DCU, the URL maps to the file:

  13. Browser caching can cause trouble for Web developers when:

  14. On the DCU web server, the URL: maps to:

  15. Which of these is true?

  16. In normal use, 3 of these display the same thing. Which one displays something different?

  17. You want to embed a Google search box on your page. Which of these would you try?

  18. Why do browsers tolerate errors in HTML?

  19. Which of these URI schemes was once very popular but is almost never used any more?

  20. At DCU, the URL maps to the file: