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Online coding site: Ancient Brain

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Online AI coding exercises

Project ideas

Free online AI programming exercises

For use in any AI course

A series of free online AI programming exercises, with exercise notes.
Students can code these AI exercises in the browser, with no install.

  • Code runs on the Ancient Brain platform.
  • All code is in JavaScript.
  • Students can copy, edit and run the code online, in the browser, with no install.
  • Students are given challenges to code in the exercise notes.
  • Teachers can run and examine student code in the browser, with no risk, and no install.
AI exercises included
  • Binary tree
  • Breadth-first search
  • Breadth-first search (graphical)
  • A* search

  • Genetic Algorithm
  • Genetic Algorithm for TSP

  • Perceptron
  • Neural network for XOR
  • Character recognition neural network