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Online coding site: Ancient Brain

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Project ideas

Intro to Ancient Brain

Ancient Brain is an online coding site on which we can write programs in the browser.
We can use it for writing programs for teaching courses.


Example Worlds

Click to run.
All the following Worlds have draggable and zoomable cameras.

There are currently Worlds on the site.


Click to run World: Blank Three.js World at Ancient Brain.

Click to run Mind: Simple Mind in World: Simple World at Ancient Brain.

Click to run World: Game of Crowns at Ancient Brain.

Click to run World: Port of flying birds at Ancient Brain.

How to code

Ancient Brain has extensive help. Get started here:


Make a decision: P5 or Three.js


The "P5" JavaScript library

The "Three.js" JavaScript library

Notes on this site

See also my notes on this site: