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Notes on Directory protections

    user      group      other
 [ ][ ][ ]  [ ][ ][ ]  [ ][ ][ ]

r - read (can do ls)
w - write
x - search (can access files given their name)

user bits

Note if turned off, user has power to turn them on any time.

[r][-][x] write-protect for safety
[r][w][x] normal

group/other bits

[r][w][x] shared writable directory
can create/delete files
[r][-][x] shared read-only directory
can do ls
[-][-][x] shared read-only dir
can't do ls
can access file if know its name
can't explore without filenames

Example: "share" in my home dir.
You just need to know this dir exists.

Example: web dir
Can only browse named files. The names are in the links. The site advertises a starting point (a web page from which all other web pages can be found by following links).

[-][-][-] normal - hidden


ls -ld /users/tutors/mhumphrysdculab
(note "--x")

ls -ld /users/tutors/mhumphrysdculab/share
(note "r-x")

cd /users/tutors/mhumphrysdculab


cd share


Raw listing of files on web servers

Showing the difference between r and x.
Consider two web directories.

drwx-----x    executabledir
drwx---r-x    readabledir
Command-line shows they both have files in them.

Raw listing is often turned off

On Apache, the behaviour of listing directory contents or not can be controlled with Options +Indexes (or Options -Indexes) in .htaccess files.
So it is often turned off.

Minimum needed for Web directories

(Web server is "other".)

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