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School of Computing. Dublin City University.

Online coding site: Ancient Brain


Online AI coding exercises

Project ideas



For 40%


For 100% (MECB)

As well as the above, do the following:

For 100% (MECT)

As well as all the above, do the following:


Submit a document containing:

  1. All the PHP code (since it is server-side and I cannot see it).
  2. For MECT, all the JS code.
  3. Maximum 3 pages showing any code that you are proud of, and explaining what it does.


  1. Electronic submission through this form.
  2. The form is designed for a single name and a single student ID.
  3. If there is a team of two: Put two names in the "name" field. But just pick a single student ID. Either student will do.

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