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Research - PhD "family tree"

My PhD "family tree" (Who supervised who)

I have been interested in family trees for decades, so here is a bit of fun with a PhD "family tree".

Vincenzo Brunacci. From Italian site.

Pietro Paoli (see here), born 1759.
And Sebastiano Canovai.
They both supervised:

Vincenzo Brunacci (see here), born 1768.
Laurea, University of Pisa, 1788.
He supervised:

Antonio Bordoni, born 1788.
Laurea, University of Pavia, 1807.
He supervised:

Francesco Brioschi (see here), born 1824.
PhD, University of Pavia, 1845.
He supervised:

Luigi Cremona (see here), born 1830.
PhD, University of Pavia, 1853.
See the Cremona group and Cremona diagrams.
He supervised:

Giuseppe Veronese (see here), born 1854.
PhD, University of Rome, 1877.
He supervised:

Guido Castelnuovo (see here), born 1865.
PhD, University of Padua, 1886.
Major figure of the Italian school of algebraic geometry.
See the Castelnuovo-Severi inequality and the Kronecker-Castelnuovo theorem.
He supervised:

Oscar Zariski (see here), born 1899.
PhD, University of Rome, 1925.
Major figure in Algebraic geometry (and here).
See the Zariski topology, Zariski surfaces, the Zariski Riemann surface, Zariski spaces and the Zariski tangent space.
See Zariski's main theorem.
He supervised:

Irvin Cohen (see here), born 1917.
PhD, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, 1942.
See Cohen-Macaulay rings.
He supervised:

R. Duncan Luce (see here), born 1925.
PhD, MIT, 1950.
Major figure in mathematical psychology.
See Luce's choice axiom.
He supervised:

John Daugman (see here), born 1954.
PhD, Harvard, 1983.
Major figure in Iris recognition.
See obituary.
He supervised:

Mark Humphrys.
PhD, Cambridge, 1997.
He supervised:

  1. John Kelleher.
    PhD, Dublin City University, 2003.

  2. Steven Harford.
    PhD, Dublin City University, 2006.

  3. Bernard Gorman.
    PhD, Dublin City University, 2008.

  4. Oisín Mac Fhearaí.
    PhD, Dublin City University, 2014.

Antonio Bordoni. From Italian site.

Francesco Brioschi. From MacTutor History of Mathematics.

Luigi Cremona. From Italian site.

Giuseppe Veronese. From MacTutor History of Mathematics.

Guido Castelnuovo. From Italian site.

Oscar Zariski. From MacTutor History of Mathematics.

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