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Project ideas

CA170 - Introduction to Operating Systems



A repeat is available for all components of the module.

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See How to contact me.

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Please whitelist my email.





About the notes

My notes contain many hyperlinks to background material. Some students get confused about what is the core course. The core course is anything that is linked to directly on this front page. All other links are just background material.


There are no bank holiday issues in 2022 with this module.






Library categories

Repeat 2022

CA170 is categorised as 100 percent CA.
For the repeat, we will just do Shell scripting. No quiz.
You come into a lab the week before repeat exams.
Mon 25 July. 11 to 1.
New location: HG50. Nursing building.
You will have 2 hours to solve a new Shell scripts problem on Einstein.
I will supervise.
Open book. No talking or emailing.

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