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My history

On the Internet since: late 1987.
My first trace on the Internet that survives: post to comp.unix.questions, 31 Mar 1988. See original.

The pre-Web Internet was great fun, but not easy to use. I watched with delight as the Web was invented to make sense of the chaos that we had used before. I had imagined that some kind of point-and-click menus would make the Internet more usable, and I even had my own personal "Home page" running via chat commands in the 1980s, but it never crossed my mind that hypertext was the answer. When I saw the command-line Web I still wasn't impressed. But after my first trip out with Mosaic for X-Windows in 1993, I saw the point of the Web and I was converted totally.

My own "Web page" (menu of online files) since: February 1989.

On the Web (command-line browser) since: late 1992 - early 1993.
On the Web (Mosaic) since: late 1993.
Home page on the Web since: November 1994.
Movies on my website since: 1995.

My first home page was basically a list of links, which is now my AI Links page.
My second home page was about my research, with the list of links moved to a separate page.
In my third home page, research is just one of the things I do, and is moved to a separate page (in fact a number of separate pages). The home page is now a jump point for the 4 or 5 major things I do.

ancientbrain.com      w2mind.org      humphrysfamilytree.com

On the Internet since 1987.      New 250 G VPS server.

Note: Links on this site to user-generated content like Wikipedia are highlighted in red as possibly unreliable. My view is that such links are highly useful but flawed.