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HTML5 and the HTML spec


HTML special characters



ASCII and other characters

Character encoding started with the English-language alphabet:

Character encoding is now extended to all alphabets:

Key codes

Percent encoding

Javascript Percent-encoder

From Eric A. Meyer.
Client-side. View Source to see how this is done.

HTML special characters encoder

When copying and pasting text with difficult characters (e.g. European characters), convert all unusual characters to HTML character entities to make it safe.

My pages

My early history online

*  MGonzNet                                         
* --------------------------------------------------
*  help          Help                               
*  who           Nice VM Who                        
*  scoop         The truth!                         
*  get           Get the p program for your machine 
*  p             Query VM/SCS printer queues        
*  p :printer:   Query specific printer             
* --------------------------------------------------

My "home page" in Feb 1989.

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